Board of Directors

Geoffrey Debono

Geoffrey came to senior management in 2005, at the age of 21, when he took over the reins of Michael Debono Ltd (MDL) due to the early demise of his father. MDL is the sole representative of Toyota Motor Corporation in Malta and in 1960 was Toyota’s first appointed distributor in Europe. Geoffrey immediately recruited very capable personnel and forged a powerful management team which now directly handles the day-to-day operation with him as Managing Director.

Over the last 10 years Geoffrey has overseen the firm establishment of Toyota as the leading new car brand in Malta with MDL now considered as the benchmark for customer satisfaction in the sector. This was accomplished by the installation a fully computerised business management system, the construction of a Toyota Retail Concept Showroom which sets the standard in this area, and the setting-up a fully-fledged body repair centre utilising the latest technologies. MDL has been the first new car importer in Malta to set-up an Approved Used Car operation whilst it also started selling insurance policies onsite. Recently it has also acquired a company which exclusively represents leading tyre brands such as Bridgestone.

Geoffrey also diversified the activity of the Group by investing in a new IT start-up focused on CRM and Business Intelligence. Today this company is considered to be the leader in these specialised IT services.

The company also diversified into the property market by purchasing high-end residential property for rental purposes.

In recent years the company also acquired representation of other Toyota related brands namely Toyota Material Handling and Hino heavy duty trucks. This business has now been spinned off into a company titled Debono Commercials.

Geoffrey is a very active member in the Malta chapter of Young Presidents Organisation (YPO). He was awarded the “Outstanding Young Person Award for 2008’s Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial accomplishment” from Junior Chamber International (JCI).

His interests outside work include gadgets, travelling, following current affairs, music, reading and following soccer. He also dedicates time to keeping physically fit and eating healthy.

Michael Debono

Michael has a keen interest in new technology and innovative business ideas which he pursues with verve and enthusiasm. He completed his masters degree in entrepreneurship at the University of Surrey in 2011 following his attainment of a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons. Management) degree at the University of Malta. Michael obtained further valuable business experience through an internship with Longo Toyota of California, the world’s largest car dealership, which forms part of the Penske Motor Group.

Since his return to the Debono Group, he has participated actively in the business development of the organisation, particularly the B2B sector. He has re-launched the group’s commercial vehicle and material handling division, and put this reborn activity onto Malta’s business map by securing milestone contracts with major companies. Within a two year span Debono Commercials has become a local leader in the sector and continues to grow steadily.

Therese Debono

Therese became actively involved in the organisation back in 1976 when Philip Debono, Therese’s husband acquired the Toyota sewing machines brand. Therese displayed outstanding business acumen as the person responsible for the brand and her efforts produced the company’s success in this area of operation.

Sadly, Philip passed away in June 2002 at the age of 47, and Therese had to take over the reins of the entire organisation. She continued to run the business with support from Toyota Great Britain while her own two sons, Geoffrey and Michael continued their studies at University.

In 2005 Therese handed overall responsibility to Geoffrey, whilst remaining as Chairperson, with an active role in the Debono Group. She is also the driving force behind philanthropic activities which the organisation undertakes.

Michael Mallia

Michael Mallia joined the board of the Debono Group as an outside member in 2008, and has brought to the company a very broad and varied experience in the Public (particularly as a diplomat) and Private sectors of the economy. He is also directly responsible for the human resources portfolio of the company.

Currently he is Chairman of the constitutionally set up Employment Commission, a panel member of the Industrial tribunal and also Chairman of the Ghana Mission Foundation which has collected funds and actually constructed a hospital in Kumasi, Ghana.

In the past he was for seven years the President of the Malta Employers Association and also chaired the first national consumer affairs council, the board of a private and a public hospital, as also Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) and served as director in a number of companies ranging from journalism to information technology, as also the national airline, Air Malta.