We believe that our people are a determining factor in the success of our company.

It is the capability, passion, enthusiasm, drive, dedication and strive-for-excellence attitude in our people that differentiates us, which we are truly proud of.

In identifying people who could add value to our growing team we look for the following qualities:


Positive Attitude

We are looking for individuals with a positive attitude and outlook on life. We constantly look for individuals who get the work done and motivate others to do the same without dwelling on the challenges that inevitably come up in any job.

Employees with positive attitude create an environment of good will and provide a positive role model for fellow workmates and also customers.

Ambition & Ability

We look for people who have knowledge, skill and aptitude in their field, matched with enthusiasm, passion and love for what they do. We look for high achievers, people who always want to exceed their own levels of excellent achievement.

Team Work

Debono Group employees are real Teamplayers. We want people who understand and believe our Company values, who believe in open communication, direct feedback and respect and concern for colleagues. Team players are people who enjoy working with others, who believe in the power of working with others and are willing to have faith in team members and leaders. Individuals must be willing to take ownership of tasks undertaken, and to put their utmost efforts into their performance.

Commitment & Initiative

We are a dynamic company, constantly taking on new projects and new challenges, and therefore we look for people who are results-driven and seek personal and professional development. We provide our employees with constant training and development and the opportunity for career progression.

If you feel you have what we are looking for, kindly send your CV to our Human Resources Department on e-mail [email protected]

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