Reduce your carbon footprint

Written by Nicoletta Moss

Yes, you can do it. It is not (only) up to politicians and companies to lower emissions – everyone has their share in it too. How? It is easy – if you want to. COVID-19 is changing the way we work, live and move. Things are changing – changing faster than we think. And this is your opportunity to change what you are doing and what impact you have on our planet earth. So, let’s get right into it and see how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Photo by AbdolAzim Mollaie on Unsplash

May I introduce: the #5x5Challenge.

5 types of actions in 5 areas giving you 5 examples each. Your job? Change one thing a week – and stick to it! Do you say this is slow? You can do more? This is absolutely fantastic. But let’s be realistic. Do one thing a week and do it well and stick to it.

This is Part 1 – today we will be talking about the basics and in the following weeks we will build upon it.

First things first – the 5Rs:

1. refuse

2. reduce

3. reuse

4. recycle

5. rethink

Got this part? Yes. Good! Next step: Which are the key areas we should focus on?

1. Travel

2. Food

3. Consumption

4. Household

5. Social

What is your job this week? Rethink one thing in each area what you could change by either refusing, reducing, reusing or recycling. And then change and stick to it.


Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplush

Whatever you did: make it your own by sharing and talking about it by using the #5x5Challenge. The more join in, the greater the impact. Let’s do this together and make a real difference in how we live and in the impact we have on our home planet.

#5x5x5Challenge – go for it!

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