Malta ‘wonderful’ for mobility innovation


A Debono Group project manager argued that Malta is well-positioned to drive innovation in the mobility sector thanks to its unique blend of characteristics. Nicoletta Moss was a guest speaker in a panel of experts at a conference on the Future of Mobility hosted by Eco Market Malta to mark the EU Mobility Week.

Moss described efforts to bring viable multi-modal services to the city centre and reduce the dependence on private cars as the main challenge for stakeholders today. She said that Malta has great potential to introduce, test and scale innovative solutions in this sector.

“Malta is a wonderful place to try new things and get them right because all the components found in large countries are present here too, but can be closely managed,” explained Moss while urging industry players to work together to stimulate innovation in field.

Questioned about long-term implications of new solutions, Moss maintained that a change in mobility systems opens fresh opportunities and creates new economic sectors.

During the discussion, Moss spoke about Debono Group’s approach to the evolution of transportation in Malta. She said that roads need to be freed up to different users while resources of space and technology have to be maximised. She mentioned how car-sharing services Cool and GoTo, both launched by the Group, are changing the way people look at mobility.

“The hardest part in any transition is not the development of technology, but the shift in the mindset of users.” Turning to the floor, Moss encouraged the audience to try substituting one car trip every week with an alternative method of transportation.

The Project Manager of Future Mobility Solutions also spoke about the potential benefits to space management and general quality of life that developments such as autonomous vehicles. She said that Debono Group keeps an open mind to innovation and urged policymakers to allow start-ups the breathing space to bring their innovations to market.

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