300 GoTo electric scooters to hit Malta’s roads this month


GoTo, the island’s first national car sharing solution, is rolling out a fleet of 300 electric scooters this month as it focuses on providing innovative solutions for greener, more cost-effective transportation.

More than 12,000 customers have made some 200,000 trips and rode over 1.8 million kilometres in GoTo vehicles since the service was introduced in November 2018, and GoTo is expecting similar enthusiasm for its scooters.

Chief Marketing Officer Johnny Tominaga said: “The launch of our scooter fleet is paramount in our strategy to keep building a multimodal mobility platform and reduce dependency on private cars.”

Scooters are smaller, lighter and more convenient to avoid most traffic situations and parking constraints, which makes them particularly handy for shorter trips.

During the pilot GoTo conducted with its scooters in the past weeks, it witnessed a large number of trips that were proportionally shorter to what the company was used to with its One-Way and Roundtrip cars, especially in more concentrated urban areas.

GoTo’s new CEO Gordon Bugeja said: “This reinforces our belief that we’ll be serving our customers even better by adding different solutions targeting multiple forms of transportation needs in a single platform, in turn making the customer experience even more seamless.”

With an average of 45 new cars hitting the island’s roads every day, GoTo’s goals have always been to offer motorists an alternative to owning a car and to think twice before adding to the congestion on the roads.

Mr. Bugeja added: “We believe that in the long run shared mobility solutions like ours will continue to grow, as they bring a more sustainable solution for people to move around while reducing transportation expenses, traffic levels, and resource waste since private cars tend to stay parked over 80 percent of the time.”

Motorists seem more willing to leave their car behind and Mr. Tominaga said research GoTo conducted showed that over 40 percent of its customers used the service despite having their own cars.

“This is exciting news as we’re able to provide more convenient solutions for specific cases, such as going to the airport, visiting places with limited parking options or reducing the need for a second car,” he said.

The prices for GoTo scooters start at 21c per minute for a basic plan; 20c for Standard and Tourist Plans; and 19c for a Savings Plan.

GoTo is advising motorists to avoid downloading the free app at the last minute to ensure all driving license documentation is processed in time for when you need it.

Booking an electric scooter can be done through the same GoTo app as the car sharing service. For information contact GoTo’s 24/7 call centre on 2226 8000.

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