On a bike, “You’re completely in contact with all. You’re in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense or presence is overwhelming” Robert M. Pirsig

Wotomoto was inspired by our love for motorcycles; our frustration with the clunky and cumbersome traffic on the Maltese roads; as well the opportunity to start a more environmentally friendly movement. We know the reality of cars, the slow traffic, the honk of the horns that raise our stress indicators, but once you get on your bike, the senses come alive in that care & car free moments. Wotomoto was created to provide a new experience, support and service for those who are ready to saddle up.

We all know the practicalities of having a scooter and a bike, but there are always obstacles in the way to join the bike tribe; the unknown, a taboo of ‘us and them’ and the safety concerns.

We know that motorcycles aren’t for everyone, but we want to be everything we can for those that ride.

Visit the website here – https://wotomoto.com